Gifts for Skateboarders for Any Occasion

gifts for skateboarders

This guide will help you navigate the wide world of skater stuff – from must-have skating essentials to unique and unexpected gifts.

Essential Skate Shoes

Shoes are at the top of the list of skateboard essentials. Skateboarders are in need of a constant supply of skate shoes due to the wear-and-tear the sport has on footwear.

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, a good starting point is to look at their current pair. What is their profile; high top, low top, mid top, slip-ons, or winterized?

Read on for a brief description on the benefits of each style of shoe:

skate shoe low tops

Low top shoes are preferred by many skaters, as they allow maximum freedom of movement in the ankle joint which is essential for technical skateboarding.

They do offer less support and protection than shoes with higher profiles, but the low profile silhouette offers a more versatile style, better breathability and are easier to slip on and off.

skate shoe mid tops

Mid top shoes are designed to offer more ankle support and protection than low tops while maintaining some freedom of ankle movement.

They make a great gift idea for skaters of all levels of experience.


skate shoe high tops

High top shoes provide the maximum amount of ankle support and protection with less ankle movement. Beyond functionality, high tops have been a classic piece of skate fashion for decades.

skate shoe slip ons

Slip-ons keep things simple with no laces. They are easier to slip on and off and are popular among both pros and beginners because they are a great mix of skate fashion and function.


skate shoe winterized

Winterized shoes are a great gift for those living in colder climates.

Increased insulation, waterproofing, and grippier tread patterns are what set these shoes apart from their summery counterparts.

These shoes allow skaters to continue riding even when temperatures fall below zero.

Does your skateboarder have a favorite pro skater?

Many of the top pros have signature pro models shoes with their unique designs and logos. These shoes often have unique designs combined with cutting edge technical features designed for skateboarding. Some top-of-the-line skate shoe features include:

  • Super Suede which is up to 50% more durable than regular suede.
  • Super Rubber sidewalls and toe caps which prolong the life of the shoes.
  • Impact insoles which are designed for maximum heel protection.

Gifting the skateboarder in your life with a new pair of shoes is a solid gift when you nail their style. Check out our dedicated article for more details on "How To Choose the Right Skate Shoe".

Skate Apparel Gifts

Skating is a distinct subculture with style that sets it apart from streetwear and other action sport styles. The following section outlines some popular skate apparel.

Snapbacks & Bucket Hats

hats for skaters

Snapbacks and bucket hats are a staple in skate fashion. Hats can range from the flat-brimmed caps to unstructured five-panels. Have a look at what kind of hat the skater in your life currently wears, and then choose.



beanies for skaters

In skateboarding, beanies aren’t just reserved for wintertime. Low-profile beanies with cuffed brims, a discrete tag and a recognizable logo are a staple option.


Skateboarding T-Shirts

t shirts for skaters

What sets a skateboard t-shirt apart from a regular t-shirt comes down to design and cut. Generally, these t-shirts have a little more length to match where skateboarders wear their pants; below true waist.

Classic graphics, such as the Love Park Logo, the DC Star Logo and photo prints have become cultural skateboarding references. To choose a skateboarding t-shirt for the skater in your life, look at which brands they already support and do the same.



flannels for skaters

Perfect for those chilly fall days when a t-shirt simply won’t cut it, flannel shirts are durable and provide the insulation a skateboarder needs to keep pushing through the cold.

Flannels range from classic one-layer garments, to overshirts that are doubled with extra insulation or have an integrated hood.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

hoodies for skaters

Hoodies have been in fashion since the early days of skateboarding and are here to stay. Crew neck sweatshirts offer the same warmth and protection for the body, minus a hood.

A skateboarding hoodie or crew neck will have a bit of extra length, just like skate t-shirts, and typically have a logo or graphic.


Puffer Jackets

hoodies for skaters

After a session or when the temps drop, puffer jackets are both functional and fashionable. They pack down easily in a skatepack and offer breathable warmth. The level of insulation can vary from light to heavy and depends on your skater’s needs.


Jeans and Chino Pants

pants for skaters

The durable construction of jeans and chinos make them a preferred pant for skaters as they offer more protection if you fall and are more resilient to tears and scuffs.

Styles range from skinny to baggy, with regular and slim fitting somewhere in between – a personal preference.


Boxer Briefs

boxers for skaters

A comfortable pair of boxer briefs with a chafe-free waistband offers the support needed when skating.


belts for skaters

Belts are essential for keeping everything in place while riding and doing tricks. Look for leather or webbed polyester options for added strength.

Some belts even come equipped with a bottle opener integrated into the belt buckle, which can come in handy when a session heats up.


belts for skaters

A fresh pair of socks provides added support and cushioning to keep your skater’s feet and ankles protected. Moisture-wicking socks help keep feet dry so riders can go on for miles.

Choose between full-length socks which provide padding all the way up the shin, or no-show socks for an easy summer look.


Easy Add-On Skate Gifts

Unique gifts for skateboarders don’t have to be big – check out these thoughtful soft goods and add ons.

Skate Backpack

belts for skaters

Different from regular backpacks, skate backpacks come with straps specifically designed to hold a skateboard and are built with abrasion-resistant materials in key areas.

Take it one step further with an all-weather skateboard backpack which offers weather protection for decks, and is also a great choice for traveling.



skater fanny packs

Simple yet large enough to hold all the essentials needed for a skate session, waistpacks are a practical and stylish add-on.

Skate Helmet

Taking a spill is part of the sport and a skate helmet keeps the head protected. Part of the extra protection in skate helmets is due to their ergonomic and snug fit. Many skate helmets come with moisture-wicking, removable liners that can be washed whenever necessary.


skater sandals

For those days and mornings when your feet just need a rest, slides and slip-on sandals are the often overlooked complimentary footwear to a solid pair of skate shoes.



skate wallets

Skaters usually keep their essentials in their pockets while skating, which means less is more when it comes to bringing along a wallet. Opt for a slim velcro wallet or a card holder that carries just the essentials.

Lanyard or Keychain

skate lanyard

Keep keys safe with a reliable lanyard or keychain. Carabiners are durable and make it easy to attach and remove keys.

In a pinch, these little add-ons can be used to lace up a shoe or hold up sagging pants.


Skateboard Decks & Completes

A new skateboard is one of the best gifts you can offer a skateboarder. That being said, it’s best if you talk to one of their skateboarding friends, as choosing the right style and size of skateboard is a very personal thing.

You can opt to buy a complete skateboard, meaning all the necessary pieces are included and assembled, or buy the pieces separately for a custom setup.

Each of the main skateboard types are covered briefly in the following section:

  • Street decks are the classic popsicle-stick shaped decks essentially built for street skateboarding.
  • Cruisers have distinct noses and tails, and are designed for larger wheels than street decks.
  • Mini-cruisers are similar to cruisers but with a smaller deck, making them more transportable.
  • Longboards are designed for cruising long distances or down hills, and can be up to twice as long as a classic street deck.
  • Old-school and transition decks will appeal to skaters who like to ride half-pipes and bowls.
  • Surf skates are used by surfers to practice the quick cutbacks and short-radius turns akin to surfing on ocean waves.

Skateboarding Accessories


Every skater dreams of having their very own skate ramp. If you want to impress the skater in your life, surprise them with a pre-built skateboard ramp.

Ramps range from kickers, designed to send skaters into the air, to half-pipes which transform otherwise unskateable terrain, like a patch of grass, into a skatepark.

skateboarding gifts


Pre-built rails can bring hours of entertainment to a skateboarder. Extendable rails offer the option to adjust the height as desired.

Skate Tool

This practical accessory is a must-have for any skater for on-the-fly adjustments to their skateboard trucks. Sometimes called a “T-tool”, this specialized tool contains three socket wrenches and is usually made from metal or plastic.


Skateboarding hardware includes the nuts and bolts that hold skateboard trucks onto wooden decks.

A hardware set makes a great gift as these pieces sometimes break or get stripped. Some hardware sets come with differently colored bolts which allow a skater to identify the nose and tail of their boards.


A good starting point is to speak with your skater’s friends or the local skate shop before choosing a set of wheels. Wheels come in different sizes and durometers (levels of hardness). Larger wheels roll faster than smaller wheels, and softer wheels offer more grip.

For a standard street deck, wheels between 52mm and 56mm with a durometer rating of 90 or 95 are a good choice.

Knowing which style of skateboarding the gift recipient practices is key to choosing the right set of wheels.

gifts for skaters

Grip Tape

Grip tape provides traction between a skateboarder and their board. Grip tape commonly comes in standard black, but can also be found in flashier colors and graphics.

Skateboard Wax

Wax is used to make surfaces slide or grind more, which is essential in learning and landing certain tricks. It comes in different forms, like bars or twist-up sticks, and even different scents.

After reading this gift-guide, you can find a gift that’s ideal for your skateboarder’s style and interests.


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