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New Kids Snowboard Collection - Shop the Collection Online Now

We know you’re eager to get out on the mountain this winter and DC Shoes has all of the kids snow gear you’ll need to do so. At DC Shoes we’re experts when it comes to creating the best snowboarding gear because we spend a lot of time on the mountain and we know all of the features snow clothes and kids snow gear need to perform at the highest standards. Technologies are constantly evolving in terms of warmth protection and water resistant materials which is why each season we release a new collection of snowboarding gear for kids that is updated with the latest features and designs. Our ability to stay ahead of the trends allows us to consistently outperform not only competing products, but our preceding year’s collection of snow clothes as well. We work on improving the design of kids snow gear so all kids have to work on is improving their skills on their snowboard.

Our New Collection of Kids Snow Gear is Impressive on All Levels

This season, our new collection of kids snow gear features a selection of impressive kids snowboard jackets and kids snow pants. Choosing a kids snowboard jacket might seem like a simple task, but in reality there are many different features to consider when ensuring your snow jacket is going to keep you warm and protected for a full day on the mountain. Water resistance, breathability, and insulation are three main elements to look for when choosing the right kids snowboard jacket. DC Shoes designs its collection of kids snowboard jackets to feature a variety of water resistant and insulation levels so that kids can wear a jacket that properly outfits them for the conditions they will be snowboarding in. Being too cold is never a good thing, but being too warm on the mountain can also lead to issues, that’s why finding that perfect balance of breathability and insulation is key when selecting a jacket. A jacket isn’t all that is going to keep kids warm and protected on the mountain, a quality pair of kids snow pants is another essential piece of snow clothes that kids should be diligent about choosing. Kids snow pants should be durable so they are able to withstand the beating a full day in the snow will put them through. DC Shoes offers a selection of kids snow pants so each kid can find a pair that is comfortable and appropriate for their riding needs.

No New Collection of Snowboarding Gear is Complete Without Accessories

While snow clothes are what make up the majority of every kid’s mountain attire, accessories are also an important part of dressing properly for a day of snowboarding. Having the right kids snow gloves can make a huge difference, because if hands and fingers start to get cold it can be hard to stay motivated to keep going back for more runs. We want kids to stay happy on the mountain which is why our snow gloves are designed with the best heat trapping materials available to give hands the warmth and protection they need to fight through a full day. Our new collection of snowboarding gear features several styles of kids snow gloves along with other important accessories like scarves and hats. While we’re on the subject, what collection of kids snow gear would be complete without offering a selection of kids snowboard helmets? Kids snowboard helmets are one of the most important accessories a kid can wear while snowboarding. Snowboarding is a tricky sport to master and the learning curve never really ends. Even professional snowboarders understand the importance of wearing a durable snowboard helmet to protect against unplanned errors. DC Shoes wants kids to see the value in putting safety first which is why we offer the coolest kids snowboard helmets each season.

Whatever Snow Clothes You Need, You Can Buy Them From DC Shoes

DC Shoes has all of the snowboarding gear and snow clothes kids need this winter. Kids can easily browse through our new collection of kids snow gear in our online store and buy the styles that they need to have the right protection for their next snowboarding trip. Our online store is a quick and easy way to shop, and our free customer service help line is available to provide any information that is needed to make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

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