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Snowboard Jackets

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Kids Snowboard Jackets & Snow Coats - Shop the Collection Online Now

Stock up on the best styles of boys snowboard jackets from DC shoes this winter season. At DC Shoes, we love to snowboard, so much so that we turned our passion for the sport into a business and now we have been designing and innovating high performance snowboarding products for years. Our collection of kids snowboard jackets is designed to give young riders the ultimate level of protection they need to have an enjoyable day on the mountain. Whether they are carving through powdery snow on a bluebird day or riding in wet snow while it’s dumping cats and dogs, DC Shoes has a snowboard jacket that will accommodate just what they need to stay comfortable. Our youth snowboard jackets are designed to meet the same performance standards as the jackets we design for our professional riders because we know the kids are the next generation of professionals and we want them to be able to develop their skills in the best gear possible.

Bring It On Mother Nature, DC Shoes Boys Snowboard Jackets are Ready

Weather conditions in the mountain can turn on a dime, and it’s important for kids to have the best protection possible to stay dry and comfortable while they are out there.The different levels of water resistance that can be incorporated into snowboard jackets is an important thing for kids to become familiar with. Why? Because knowing how each level of protection reacts with different types of weather allows kids to be able to dress themselves properly for the conditions they plan to ride in, which will allow them to stay on the mountain longer without experiencing discomfort. Each level of protection is represented by a number and the letter “k” and here is how kids can distinguish what these ratings mean: A 5k jacket is simply a snow jacket that is suitable for mildly cold, dry conditions. This is a fine type of jacket to wear day to day during the winter but it is most likely not going to hold up very well for a full day on the mountain. 10k and 15k snowboard jackets are better suited for full days of snowboarding and will keep kids dry and comfortable through powdery, light conditions. If kids are planning to snowboard where the snow is wet or heavy, or if weather is going to take a turn for the worse, a 20k snow jacket is a better bet to get the best protection possible. Gore-tex material is also something kids should make themselves familiar with. Some boys snowboard jackets are made with gore-tex material which is a lightweight, breathable and waterproof material. This means that any kids snowboard jacket made with gore-tex will offer the best protection out of any of the previously mentioned protection levels. So for kids who are expecting to snowboard through the harshest of conditions, a DC Shoes gore-tex jacket will be the best snowboard jacket to buy.

We know protection isn’t the only thing kids look for when they shop for a new snowboard jacket. Kids want to look cool on the mountain and we want to help them stand out in whatever way they want. We offer a selection of colors and patterns for our kids snowboard jackets including: white snowboard jackets, black snowboard jackets, green snowboard jackets, orange snowboard jackets, and more. We even offer bold patterns like snow camo jackets for kids who really want to make a statement on the mountain. Whatever kids are into these days, DC Shoes has a kids snowboard jacket that will make them feel cool and stylish while they shred.

Our DC Shoes Kids Snowboard Jackets Have all the Best Functions

Functionality is not something we overlook when it comes to kids snowboard jackets. We want kids to have a seamless day on the mountain which is why we’ve incorporated convenient features into each of our boys snowboard jackets. Features like, the jacket to pant attachment system that helps kids keep their pants from sagging down and their jackets from riding up. Another great feature is the goggle pocket that our snowboard jackets have that allow kids to store an extra pair of lenses or goggles just in case they need them during the day. One of our favorite features is the lift pass pocket, which conveniently allows kids to go through the line and onto the chair lift without having to take their lift pass out of their pocket. And of course, what would a good snowboard jacket be without a bunch of internal pockets where kids can store their phones and other personal belongings. All of these features are standard with DC Shoes snowboard jackets because we believe convenience is key to a great day on the mountain.

Buy the Best Boys Snowboard Jackets from DC Shoes

Don’t spend a day on the mountain in anything less than the best kids snowboard jacket from DC Shoes. Our online store is stocked with all of our great boys snowboard jacket styles and it’s easy to navigate so kids can easily buy the snowboard jacket styles they want. If there are questions along the way, our free customer service help line is available via live chat, phone, or email to provide answer and information that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

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