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Women's Snowboard Thermals - Shop Long Underwear & Layers Online Now

Looking for maximum warmth and comfort to stay consistent during your time on the mountain? Our snowboard thermals can make that possible. You’ll never have a problem leaving the comfort of your warm bed in the morning when you know that you get to step into one of our women’s snowboarding base layers. Our Snowboard base layers are designed to trap in your body heat and be soft on your skin for a luxurious long lasting comfort you won’t be able to find anywhere else. DC Shoes has a long history of making the best products when it comes to snowboarding, and our women’s snowboard base layers and snowboard thermals are a prime example of what happens when our passion for snowboarding collides with our passion for design.

Our Women’s Snowboarding Base Layer Makes Dressing Easy

Sometimes when you wake up early on a cold winter morning, it can be really tough to wrap your mind around what to wear when snowboarding. Our trick is to ease your mind into the day by thinking about your outfit one layer at a time. Just as you remember to wear regular underwear each day, remembering to wear snowboarding underwear is equally as important. A proper women’s base layer is key to ensuring that you will stay warm and comfortable throughout the rest of the day, regardless of what you later on top. Finding the right women’s snowboard thermals might seem like it will be a simple task, but women’s snowboarding base layers can actually vary greatly in their abilities to wick moisture, breathe, and trap in heat which are all very important elements you will need for performance. This is why it is good to trust a quality brand like DC Shoes that knows what it really takes to design top of the line snowboard thermals. All of our snowboard base layers meet high performance standards so you don’t have to be concerned about losing comfort part way through your day.

You Will Love How Our Snowboard Base Layer Feels

Long johns for women is a funny way to describe your snowboard thermals. We aren’t quite sure who came up with this name, but pair of one piece long johns should be taken seriously, amusing name or not. When it comes to insulated underwear, DC Shoes knows all of the tricks. We know how to keep you warm but too warm because being overly hot on the mountain can be just as bad as being cold. Our women’s snowboarding base layers are designed with all of the most current materials so that you never have to question whether you are getting the most up to date comfort and protection. It is good to keep in mind that a snowboard base layer comes in handy even towards the end of the season when weather starts to warm up. Having the right snowboard thermals underneath your jacket can allow you to eliminate other layers in warmer weather and rock a lighter mountain outfit that will still stay just as warm.

Buy Your Favorite Women’s Snowboarding Base Layers From DC Shoes

Now that you know more about women’s snowboarding base layers it is time to buy the ones that are right for you. The DC Shoes online store makes it easy to browse our wide range of snowboard thermals allowing you to easily buy choose the snowboard base layer of your choice. Our free customer service help line is also available to answer any questions you may have in order to help you make the right purchase.

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