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Womens Ski Jackets & Coats for Girls

With each new ski season comes the opportunity to get a great new ski jacket and DC Shoes has a selection of women’s ski jackets that will make you wish it was winter year round. At DC Shoes we are skiers just like you, so we understand what it takes to design a high quality ski jacket that will perform at the level you require. Our collection of women’s ski jackets includes a variety of protection levels as well as additional features so that you can find the match that best accommodates your needs on the mountain.

DC Shoes Women’s Ski Jackets Can Handle All of the Elements

Our women’s ski jackets are tough against weather so that you don’t have to be. Each of our women’s ski jackets and ski coats is designed with an effective level of weatherproofing to keep you properly protected in a range of weather conditions. The weatherproofing for the women’s ski coats typically start at a 5k rating which means that they are capable of keeping you warm in cold weather, but not great for very wet or heavy conditions. To really get the most out of your time on the mountain it is a good idea to start with one of our ski jackets for women that has at least a 10k protection rating. This level of protection will offer the necessary warmth when powdery conditions are putting up a bit of a fight. If you are skiing in wetter snow or heavier weather conditions, try a 15k women’s ski jacket. And for days when the weather conditions are truly volatile, put on a 20k ski jacket or one of our Goretex ski jackets so that you can face any extremities with the ultimate confidence. Any Goretex jacket may come with a higher price point, but it is well worth the investment if you need a jacket that is durably waterproof.

Have Some Fun With Your Ski Jacket

Your time on the mountain should be enjoyable in every way possible, and we want to make sure our women’s ski jackets are contributing some enhancements to your day. All of our ski jackets are designed with a range of helpful features to accommodate your time on the mountain. It can be such a drag when you continuously need to adjust your ski jacket or pants. If you experience lots of uncomfortable movement with the pieces of your outfit, try one of our women’s ski jackets that features the jacket to pant attachment system to keep everything in its proper place. Allow yourself a seamless transition from the lift line to the chair lift by utilizing the convenient lift pass pocket feature on your ski jacket. Keep an extra pair of goggles or goggle lenses with you in your goggle pocket so that you are prepared if you need to adjust your vision for the lighting conditions. We know if can be really hard to be separated from your phone and other personal belongings; keep them with you in your internal pocket so you never run the risk of feeling disconnected.

Ski Jackets Styled Your Way

Our collection of DC Shoes women’s ski jackets are designed to appeal to a variety of style tastes. We want your ski jacket to feel like it compliments your personality which is why we offer a variety of great colors and patterns. Even a seemingly simple white ski jacket can be a great choice that helps you to stand out in your own unique way while you’re skiing on the slopes. Whatever your style preferences are, DC Shoes has a wide range of cool ski jackets to choose from so you never run out of options.

Do Yourself A Favor and Buy A DC Shoes Women’s Ski Jacket Today

Winter is here and it’s time for you to select the ski jackets that are going to get you through another epic ski season. Head to the DC Shoes online store and browse our collection of women’s ski jackets to see which ones fit your fashion and skiing styles best. We make it simple to buy the ski jackets you love today by providing a convenient online shopping experience and free customer service help line.

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