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Men's Snowboard Neck Warmers - Shop the Collection Online Now

Your neck can be an easy part of the body to overlook when it comes to cold weather protection. Many might think that your jacket and hat will keep you covered, but relying on only these pieces of gear still leaves your neck exposed to some cold air which is why a proper neck warmer or neck gaiter should be an essential part of your snowboarding outfit. DC Shoes has a long history of designing quality performance products for snowboarding and our collection of men’s neck warmers is one example of our acute attention to detail when it comes to keeping your properly outfitted.

Neck Gaiters Are Performance Made Simple

You might be wondering, what is a neck gaiter? If you’re unfamiliar with this product it’s time to become familiar because it will be one of your most beloved pieces of gear on the mountain. A neck gaiter is a tubular piece of material designed to slip on easily over your head and keep your neck warm while you are snowboarding. It is also known as a fancy way to say neck warmer. Whatever term you’d like to refer to it by, a men’s neck warmer is essential to keeping the cold air from seeping in through the top of your jacket and putting a freeze on your day on the mountain. Get extra cozy with a fleece neck warmer or fleece neck gaiter, and enjoy how the warm material comforts your skin throughout the day without adding any extra weight.

Face The Cold With DC Shoes Men’s Neck Warmers

A men’s neck warmer doesn’t limit its protection to your neck. If the wind is particularly biting while you’re carving down the mountain or making your way back up on the chairlift, you can pull your neck gaiter up over the bottom part of your face to keep more of yourself shielded from the elements. Another alternative to wearing a neck warmer is choosing to wear a snowboarding face mask. A snowboard mask is a great choice for days when temperatures are going to be very low, or if you have sensitive skin and would like to keep it from getting chapped by the cold air. A snowboarding face mask will keep your entire face and neck warm are a great way to keep your face protected against harsh conditions. So the next time you are exploring neck and face protection for your trip to the mountains, consider all of the options DC Shoes has when it comes to neck gaiters, men’s neck warmers, and snowboarding face masks.

Buy A DC Shoes Neck Warmer Today

Give your neck and face the proper protection they deserve on the mountain by visiting DC Shoes’ online store and shopping our selection of men’s neckwarmers. Our convenient online shopping platform, varied selection of neck gaiter styles, and free online customer service will make it easy for you to find and buy the neck warmers of your choice.

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