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Kids Ski Thermals & Layers

Staying warm while skiing can seem like a difficult task to master, but it is actually quite simple. With the right layers, staying warm is an easy task and DC Shoes is here to help kids discover the magic of the base layer. Thermal underwear is at the core of a comfortable day on the mountain. We design kids thermals that are lightweight but pack a powerful punch when it comes to enhancing body warmth in all levels of weather conditions. Just as kids shouldn’t forget to wear their underwear under their clothes each day, they should get into the habit of never forgetting to wear their kids long underwear under their ski clothes each time they set out for another trip to the mountains. Once they’re in the habit, kids will get so cozy in their thermal underwear, they won’t want to take it off.

Start With Thermal Underwear

For kids who are still getting acclimated to the sport of skiing and everything that accompanies it, wondering what to wear when skiing can seem a bit overwhelming. At DC Shoes we believe it’s important to teach kids the fundamentals, and in this case that means communicating the importance of wearing a quality base layer. Base layers can be referred as a variety of different and random names including thermal underwear, long underwear and the weirdest one of all: long johns. First and foremost, it is important for kids to realize that these terms are all interchangeable and whatever term is used, we’re essentially always talking about the base layer that is worn underneath the rest of our ski gear. Wearing normal pants underneath snow gear would be too bulky and cumbersome, but wearing ski pants without anything underneath could be cold or uncomfortable. This is where kids long johns come in. Boys long johns are essentially a lightweight pair of thermal pants that easily fits underneath the rest of ayn kid’s ski gear and keeps body heat trapped in to provide all day comfort. Kids long underwear includes a top as well which serves the same purpose of trapping in body heat and fitting comfortably underneath the rest of your layers. The more kids learn about kids thermals, the better they will be at dressing themselves appropriately to enjoy full days on the mountain.

Kids Thermals Keep Kids Cozy

Wake up times can be early when you’re on a ski trip and having to get out of a nice comfortable bed to get dressed can be a challenge. A great thing about DC Shoes kids thermal underwear is that it’s capable of providing the same comforts as being in bed all day so that kids can actually look forward to waking up early and getting dressed. At DC Shoes, our goal each winter season is to create the best thermal underwear that we can for kids, and to outdo even our own past collections of kids thermals in the process. There are constantly new materials and heat technologies evolving that can add a lot of value to boys thermal underwear designs and it is important to us that we stay ahead of those technologies so we can always design the best boys long underwear on the market. We want all of our skiers to experience epic levels of comfort on the mountain to that skiing becomes one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Thermal underwear might seem like just another layer to a lot of people, but to us it’s the foundation for a great day of skiing.

Get Ready to Buy The Best Kids Long Underwear From DC Shoes

Are you ready to be warm this winter? Keep your days on the mountain comfortable with kids long underwear from DC Shoes. Our collection of kids thermals is ready to shop in our convenient online store so you can buy all of the thermal underwear you need from the comfort of your own home. Got questions? We have answers. Our free customer service help line is available to provide any information you’re looking for as you shop via live chat, phone, or email.

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