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Kids Snowboard & Ski Pants from DC Shoes

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Kids Ski Pants : our boys collection

Packing for your next ski trip? DC Shoes has all of the kids ski pant styles that you will love this winter season. DC Shoes is a brand that believes in fine tuning all of the details until we get the best products possible. When it comes to boys ski pants, we incorporate innovative materials into our designs that are capable of standing up to a variety of weather conditions because winter weather is unpredictable and we want kids to trust that their ski pants will work hard to keep them protected. We have been a leading brand in the skiing industry for years because we work hard to improve technical details of our products that will enhance kids’ performance on the mountain.

What Makes DC Shoes Boys Ski Pants The Best?

One of the most important features we focus on when designing our kids ski pants is the ability to withstand moisture while also being effectively breathable. There are different levels of water resistant materials that can be used to design ski pants and each level is able to stand up to various types of snow and weather conditions. The lightest level of protection is known as 5k. Boys ski pants with this level of protection are suitable for the lightest conditions. In order to accommodate a full day on the mountain, most of our ski pants are made with 10k and 15k levels of water resistance so that they are able to keep kids comfortable while skiing on the mountain. 10k and 15k ski pants will stay dry in powdery, light snow conditions, but for more wet or heavy conditions it is a good idea for kids to wear a pair of 20k ski pants because they are slightly more durable and will be effective on mountains where the snow is typically heavier and the weather is not as forgiving. Gore-tex is sometimes used to construct kids ski pants and this lightweight, waterproof material offers the ultimate level of protection against mother nature. Whatever conditions kids are skiing in this winter, DC Shoes has a selection of the best ski pants for kids to choose from.

Our Kids Ski Pants are Cool

At DC Shoes, we design our kids ski pants in a variety of styles so that kids can choose the ones that they like the most. Along with our basic ski pant styles, DC Shoes makes kids ski bibs that offer a little more secure comfort for kids. Ski bibs are designed like overalls so they stay on more securely during the day making them a great option for young skiers. Not only can kids choose their ideal fit, they can also choose the ski pants that are the colors they want. DC Shoes offers simple white ski pants as well as a range of bold colors and patterns in our collection of boys ski pants so that every kid is feels good about how they look while they ski. We know every young skier has his own style and we want him to be able to rock it proudly on the mountain.

Buy the Best Ski Pants from DC Shoes

Kids deserve to ski in nothing but the best quality kids ski pants available, which is why DC Shoes makes it easy for kids to shop our latest styles of boys ski pants online. Kids can browse the styles of ski pants we have to offer and find the ones they want and buy conveniently in our online store. If questions arise, our free customer service help line is available to provide information that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

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