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Snow Jackets

Kids Ski jackets: Ski coats for Boys

The snow has fallen! Fresh inches of powder mean it’s time for a fresh new ski jacket. At DC Shoes, have a long history of creating cutting edge snow products that hold up to the highest performance standards, and our boys ski jackets are proof that we are experts in the field. For every one of our kid’s ski jackets we make sure that we incorporate the latest water resistant technologies and insulating materials to keep kids comfortable during a full day on the slopes. We understand that a ski jacket is one of the most important pieces of ski clothing a kid can put on and we ensure that ours outshine the competition each season so that kids feel confident they are wearing nothing less than the best when they dress themselves in a DC Shoes ski jacket.

Kids Ski Jackets That Stand Up to Mother Nature

It’s typically not a good idea to fight with your mother, but when it comes to mother nature we’re all for it and your ski jacket should have the ability to stand up to anything she throws their way. At DC Shoes we don’t settle for anything less than perfection, and when it comes to kids ski jackets we make sure that each design we release meets the highest standards for weather protection. Our boys ski jackets are consistently the warmest ski jackets on the market because we spend so much time working on the details to ensure superior warmth and comfort. Each kids ski jacket is created to withstand a certain level of weather because no two days on the mountain are alike and different conditions call for different levels of protection. Let’s review some of the most common types of designs you will find when it comes to ski jackets for boys. A 5k ski jacket is suitable for day to day wear during the winter, but it will most likely not be able to provide enough protection for a full day of skiing. Once you start getting into a 10k or 15k ski jacket the protection level kicks things up a notch and kids can stay warm and dry all day long in fresh, dry, powdery conditions. Ski jackets for kids at this level of protection will ensure comfort all day as long as the weather doesn’t take a turn for the worse. When skiing in more wet and heavy snow conditions, we recommend that kids wear a 20k ski jacket or a Gore-Tex jacket to get the best protection. Gore-Tex is a lightweight material that is waterproof, so any youth ski jacket that features Gore-tex is well worth the investment

While we put a lot of focus into creating waterproof ski jackets, we also know that kids enjoy looking good on the mountain so we design a variety of styles for our kids ski jackets that kids can feel good in. Our collection of cool ski jackets offers options like green ski jackets, black ski jackets, yellow ski jackets, and red ski jackets to keep things bright and fun against the white backdrop of the snow. Whatever their style, every kid is sure to find a DC Shoes boys ski jacket that fits their style perfectly.

Look Cool, Stay Warm: DC Shoes Boys Ski Jackets

Our constant need to innovate and incorporate new and exciting features into our kids ski jackets results in boys ski jackets that are full of fun functionalities. Many of our jackets feature a jacket to pants attachment system which helps pants from falling down or their jackets from riding up by connecting them and keeping everything stable. A number of our jackets feature a goggle pocket so that boys can always have an extra pair of goggles handy just in case the light decides to shift during the day. The lift pass pocket feature in our kids ski jackets is one of our favorites because it makes getting through the line and onto the ski lift so simple by eliminating the need to take a lift pass in and out Our boys ski jackets also come with a number of internal pockets so that kids don’t have to be without their phones or other personal belongings while they are on the mountain.

Buy the Best Boys Ski Jackets From DC Shoes

DC Shoes offers nothing but the best when it comes to kids ski jackets. Try one out for yourself by visiting the DC Shoes online store and finding the boys ski jacket that you like the most. Once you buy a DC Shoes ski jacket and experience the level of comfort and protection it has to offer, you will never want to buy another brand ever again. Shopping in our online store is quick and easy, and to make things even more convenient we have added a free customer service help line that is available to provide any information you need in order to make your purchase.

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