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Mens Ski Underwear: Thermals & Layers

What are snow days without top of the line underoos? No man wants to soak in the snow and be left with chattering teeth, because they didn't wear their proper underwear! We are talking about DC's long underwear and thermal shirts to provide you with the perfect snow gear. Whether you are shredding down the face of a mountain 5,000 feet elevation, or cruising along in sunnier conditions in California, DC has a variety of under shirts and thermals of different material to suit your current weather conditions. For the days when it feels like it's about to be an ice age, try our long sleeve DC wool under shirt to keep you toasty warm until you get the chance to make a pit stop at the lodge for a hot tottie!

Then there are those days when boarders feel like they can snowboard in board shorts. This is not so, because you will still sweat and may get soaking wet if you're not wearing the best DC gear! For warmer weather, our DC short sleeve under layer is made out of 91% polyester and 9% spandex for that stretchy, light layered feeling that will keep you insulated and sweat free while making sick aerials on the half pipe. Every hardcore boarder caught in a snow storm, or shredding in a sunny snow day must sport a pair of DC long underwear. Our DC under layer snow board pants are the best kind of "long johns" any man can possibly wear on the slopes. Its polyester, spandex material makes it comfortable, breathable, supportive and stretchy to fit all sizes, shapes and muscle tones. Every pair is banded with a boxer waist band that is of course branded with DC. If you bend over and give the world a full moon, you might as well show that you're hardcore DC.

You won't find any of our pro team in competition, or free riding down a mountain going commando! Ryan Tiene, Iikka Backstrom and Travis Rice might give you a weird look if you asked them what brand of underoos they are wearing; but, of course they'll always sport DC under shirts and long under pants! Don't waste your time with the cheap, out dated long underwear your grandpa wore in the 80&'s that lack any support and turn into a wet towel when wet. Stay warm, dry and insulated with the best of the best. From your outer layers to your under layers, there is no question that the best is DC.

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