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Women's Pixie Starburst Shoes


PRICE: $65.00

Selected Color: Black/Flourescent
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Product Information

Pixies gone wild for DC's Pixie Starburst shoe, which features a leather upper that has an embroidered logo and a printed graphic. The shoe also features an elastic lace closure and a foam padded tongue and heel collar. The UnilitePlus cup sole offer exceptional flex and cushioning, while DC's trademarked "pill pattern" adorns the tread.


Leather Upper
+ Embroidered Logo And Graphic Print
+ Elastic Lace Closure
+ Foam Padded Tongue And Collar for Comfort
+ UnilitePlus Cup Sole for Exceptional Flex and Cushioning
+ DC's Trademarked "Pill Pattern" Tread

Selected Color: Black/Flourescent
 Women's Pixie Starburst Shoes - DC Shoes